Together we can help Christian refugees overcome the great traumas they have experienced.  Please donate today and share our campaign with as many contacts as you can, to help us make this vision a reality.

Help us: 

prepare a piece of land in rural Greece, to be used as a retreat facility - a place of healing and restoration.

The ICC has raised the funds to purchase the land - thank you to everyone who has donated towards this!

Our next goal will be to raise the funds needed to develop the plot into a therapeutic farming retreat, where beneficiaries will be able to visit and work on it together as a therapeutic experience, working with animals and cultivating small scale crops in beautiful surroundings, which are good for the soul.

We need funds to buy small scale farming equipment, smallholding animals and crops, small scale renewable energy and to repair the existing building to be used by visitors for preparing meals and for washing, and to provide storage facilities.

Your donation will help us achieve this