Together we can help persecuted Christians overcome the great traumas they have experienced.  Please donate today and share our campaign with as many contacts as you can, to help us make this vision a reality.

Help us rebuild broken walls: 

ICC is in the process of developing a healing sanctuary - a therapeutic facility to provide rest, recuperation and healing for traumatised persecuted Christians.  In Greek we call it an "Ησυχαστηριο" (ee-see-khastirio) - a quiet sanctuary, in a remote place where our beneficiaries can pray, heal and engage in small scale farming activities. 

Through the generous contributions of people like you, God has already provided us with the land.  

The foundations for the toilets, showers and communal kitchen have now been built.  We now need funds to build the facilities - the showers, the toilets, a communal kitchen, storage facilities, farming equipment, water storage tanks, photovoltaic system for electricity and the tents (these will be fully furnished, clamping tents complete with woodburning stoves and solar panels).  

We urgently need more financial support - every penny you give you can make a big difference!