About the ICC

Founded in Autumn 2015, the International Christian Consulate (ICC) has already impacted the lives of many Christians escaping faith-based persecution, as well as advocating on their behalf.

Supporting and discipling persecuted Christians is the primary function of the organisation, however, other work includes advocating on their behalf in the European and UK governments.  Significant progress has been made by working in collaboration with a number of well-established NGOs, to obtain recognition of the unique challenges faced by religious minority refugees.

Research conducted by the ICC highlighted that 88% of all Christians seeking asylum have experienced or witnessed faith-based persecution and discrimination in their home countries, en-route to Europe and significantly, continue to do so in Europe’s refugee accommodation.  See our reports for more details.

Painting in the Orthodox Church in the diocese of Nea Ionia and Nea Philadelphia -depicting the historic connection between the Church, refugees and the diocese.

The Vision - Why a Consulate?

The Bible speaks of the 'Kingdom of God', of which Christians are citizens. It describes Christians as travellers in a foreign land: "in the world, but not of it".  Should citizens of a country find themselves in trouble whilst abroad, their first port of call is usually the consulate of their home country.  From this concept stems the vision of a consulate for Christians to go to for help in their time of need.

Our crest is highly symbolic of the mission - find out more about what's behind the crest .

The International Christian Consulate is a Christian charity, read our Statement of Faith.

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