The International Christian Consulate relies on the help of committed volunteers both in the UK and in Greece.  The majority of volunteering opportunities are in Athens, where we can use your skills in a range of ways.  Please makes sure you read our Statement of Faith before you apply, as we do require your agreement of this statement. 

NB.  Covid-19 Info:  We are not currently accepting overseas volunteers, due to Covid-19.  Please feel free to send an application form to express your interest, but understand that until further notice we cannot approve your application at this time.   Please also consider that when we do begin accepting volunteers again, they will be required to undergo a 7 day quarantine before arriving at the House of Faith.  If you have any symptoms, you will not be able to visit until you have completed another 7 days quarantine.

Greek Volunteers

Currently, we are also looking for Greek volunteers who are living in Athens and want to get involved.  If you are a Greek looking for a great opportunity to help the mission of the ICC through your administration, Greek language teaching, decorating or general handy person skills, please send us an application form.

Volunteer Teams

Do you have a team of willing volunteers looking for an opportunity to help support refugees in Greece?  Do any of you have language skills (Arabic, Farsi, Dari, Kurdish)?  Do you have skills you can teach refugees that would help them make a living?  Are you enthusiastic, committed and willing to help wherever is needed?  

If you can say yes to any of the above, we'd love to hear from you!  Please get your team members to complete an application form and then submit them to us.   If your team is 6 people or less and don't mind sharing accommodation, we have a volunteer apartment you can use, subject to availability - get in touch for more info.

Individual Volunteers

If you are looking for a volunteering opportunity and you aren't part of a team or organisation, you are more than welcome to apply.  We'd love to hear from you!



What sort of things will I do as a volunteer?

Volunteering opportunities with the ICC cover a range of jobs, and depending on your willingness and skills, you could be doing anything from decorating a new safe house to teaching a new skill or language to refugees with other volunteers.   There will be opportunities to sit down and talk with refugees and get to know them.  You may also be asked to help out with some administrative work, or help clean up or prepare spaces for meetings.  

Will you cover my expenses?

No.  The ICC is a charity without funds to cover this sort of thing.  As a volunteer you will be expected to cover all your flights and expenses.  You can fundraise to enable you to do this, before you come.  Food can be expensive in Greece but in general it is similar to the UK.  Be aware that a lot of places don't accept debit cards, so make sure you bring some Euros.

Is it hot in Greece?

It can be colder between November and February (and rainy at times!) but most of the year it's warm to hot.  The summer is very hot so if you come between June and September, expect strong sun and 40 degrees or more.  Make sure you pack appropriately and bring a hat and sunscreen.