Support the ICC Through Prayer

The situation in the Middle East is a hostile one for Christians. Work on the ground is tough and dangerous. There are many, many, refugee Christians fleeing life-threatening persecution, having witnessed atrocities and experienced massive trauma. One of the most important ways you can support the ICC and those we work with, is to cover us regularly with prayer.

We need your prayer cover.

Our Prayer Needs:

  • For God's protection over the ICC and those we work with.
  • Provision of vital finances to cover the necessary costs to run the consulate.
  • Healing for the traumatised Christians arriving at the consulate.
  • Resources and basic essentials for our beneficiaries.
  • Relationships with other organisations, groups, charities and governments.


Please pray for these things specifically:

Funding to house vulnerable Christian refugees in Greece:

Please pray for the funds needed to provide safe accommodation and support to Middle Eastern Christians in Greece, who have faced targeted attacks as a result of their faith.  Please also pray for us and those working with us, as we work hard to meet their needs.  Finally, of course - please pray for the Christians themselves, most of whom have fled horrific situations in the Middle East and now find themselves targeted, without safety and with little or no belongings with them.  Their need is great, and they need your prayers and support.

Recognition of the vulnerability of persecuted minorities by the EU

There is a failure across Europe to recognise that Christians and other religious minorities are being targeted in reception centres.  There is a reticence to be perceived to be discriminatory, but in the effort to prevent this, the very human rights they claim to protect, are being ignored.  Please pray that those in power in the EU and UN will come to recognise this failure to protect religious minorities, and make the necessary changes to put protective measures into place.

Commit to Pray for Us

There is an absolutely vital way to support the work of the ICC - your prayer cover. Some of the work is dangerous - in dangerous territory, with real and hostile threats, both for those working on the ground and those escaping the persecution spreading across the Middle East.

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places." Ephesians 6:12

We need a network of prayer warriors, willing to commit to pray for the ICC on a regular basis. We need those who can cover us and those we work with in prayer, for protection, provision, God's guidance, favour and wisdom.

If you would like to support the ICC by committing to pray for us on a regular basis, please sign up using the form below, and we will add you to our Prayer Covering Team list.