Website Privacy Policy

International Christian Consulate endeavours to safeguard the privacy of its website visitors. This page explains the website data processing practice.

What information do we collect?

We may collect personal details appropriate to the service you require. In some areas, this may simply mean registering your name and email details. Other forms (eg. volunteer application forms) will require more information.

What do we use personal information for?

There are various reasons that we need to collect personal data. For example, we may need your contact details for correspondence purposes, eg. if you are volunteering with us etc. Subject to your prior consent, we may send you news updates or action requests. In any event, we will only ever ask for information that is absolutely necessary and does not constitute an invasion of privacy.

Sharing your information

We will never knowingly share your information with any other third party.


Please note that in agreeing to share these details you have not forfeited your rights as prescribed under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the International Christian Consulate will continue to apply the same level of care to safeguard your privacy as we always have done. Your service entitlement from the International Christian Consulate will not be affected should you decide not to allow your data to be shared in this way.

Email Messages

In the event of any request to receive email updates we will continue to send emails until we are informed otherwise.

Information to improve our site

We collect web statistics automatically about your visit to our site based on your IP address. This information is used to help us track what people are doing on the site so that we can improve it. We don’t use this information to identify you as an individual and you will remain anonymous, unless you’re asked to identify yourself by completing a form or an online transaction.


Cookies are used on this site to remember user preferences such as display properties and language preferences. Cookies can be deleted at the end of each visit by logging out of the site. Your browser help text will contain information about how to refuse cookies from our site should you wish. Refusing cookies from our site may affect your ability to perform online transactions and some other website functions may not act as expected.

Access to Information – Data Protection and You

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you can make a formal request for the following information:

  • clarification that your personal data is being processed by International Christian Consulate
  • a description and copy of such personal data
  • the reasons why such data is being processed
  • details of to whom such data is made available

If you wish to receive such information please send your request to:


34 New House,

67-68 Hatton Garden,