What We Do

Safe House Accommodation

The International Christian Consulate supports Christian refugees in Greece, to provide safe house accommodation away from the threats and dangers of the camps.  This accommodation is provided through a network of safe houses in Athens.  We do not have a camp facility - camp environments tend to be detrimental to the integration process and we aim to help people move towards independence rather than becoming institutionalised. 

This is a particularly marginalised sub-group of the larger refugee population, with Christians being a minority group targeted by persecutors in the camps.  Visit our Research page for more details.

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Integration Support

The economic climate in Greece is challenging, however there are opportunities and  Christian refugees have much to offer the country.  Using the biblical model of welfare, the International Christian Consulate believes it is important to help its beneficiaries to help themselves, instead of feeding a culture of dependency, that relies on handouts.  

Beneficiaries are provided with support in registrations for tax, social security and schools, to help families settle into Greek society and be legally able to find work.    All refugees supported by the ICC are encouraged to take regular Greek and English classes to help them break the language barrier.  Instead of looking back and losing hope, refugees are encouraged to make plans for the future and take steps towards achieving their goals.

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The International Christian Consulate is involved in inter-agency coordination efforts, and advocates for the rights and protections of Christians from and in the Middle East.  Christianity in the Middle East is a minority religion, and persecution  is widespread and increasing.  When Christians flee the region and come into Europe, expecting Article 9 of the Human Rights Convention to be upheld, they are disappointed to find the same persecution in refugee accommodation as that from which they fled in their home country.  

The International Christian Consulate speaks on behalf of these Christians in inter-agency meetings; in protection coordination efforts with UNHCR; and in the British and European Parliaments.