Rebuilding the Walls Campaign

Together we can help Christian refugees overcome the great traumas they have experienced.  Please donate today and share our campaign with as many contacts as you can, to help us make this vision a reality.

Help us: 

to buy and develop a piece of land in rural Greece, to be used as a retreat - a place of healing, rebuilding and restoration.

The ICC has half of the funds needed to purchase the land (Goal 1). Please help us reach our goal to enable this project to begin. We need another £20,000 to reach this goal.

A £100 pledge helps us buy 20 square metres of land.

Our next goal will be to raise the funds needed to develop the plot into a kibbutz-style retreat, where beneficiaries will run it together as a community, helping each other and supporting each other as they begin to rebuild their lives.

If you pledge just £5, you buy a block of stone and building costs.



Goal 1:

Funds needed to add to existing funds for purchasing the land: £26,000 (the plot is 10,000 sq m)

Goal 2:

a) Funds needed to develop facilities on the land with showers, kitchen, communal spaces, storage etc. and

b) Funds to build residential bloc for 30 people.

Projected construction costs = £800 - £1000 per square metre