Team and Organisational Structure

At ICC, we place high value on ensuring that the maximum amount of resources are used to provide direct support and assistance to our beneficiaries.  The majority of the team are volunteers, and include beneficiaries who help to run our programmes.  

Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees are responsible for ensuring the charity adheres to its legal , financial and moral obligations, and for overseeing its operations.  They make strategic and operational decisions for the charity, drawing from the expertise and insight of the Board of Advisors whenever needed. 

Board of Advisors:

The trustees are advised by a team of experts who provide crucial insight and professional advice, ensuring that the Board of Trustees are able to make well-informed and accountable decisions.

Mr. Tsirmpas has a wealth of legal expertise, including legal matters relating to Greece and the refugee situation.

Mr Pafos provides advice and assistance on financial matters and the charity's financial obligations.

Fr. Iakavos is a well-respected Greek Orthodox priest from the Metropolis of Nea Ionia and Philadelphia in Athens, and provides political and inter-denominational relations advice within the Greek context.

Mr. Alizadeh is an Iranian refugee who provides valuable insight into matters relating to Persian/Middle Eastern culture, and on matters specifically related to the issues and challenges facing Christian refugees and beneficiaries of the charity.

Operational Team:

The team on the ground, ensuring day-to-day operations are carried out successfully and to a high standard consists of volunteers and contractors (where appropriate or needed).   

The majority of services are contributed to by volunteers who are beneficiaries, for the beneficiaries, under the direction and supervision of the Board of Trustees.  As beneficiaries, their voices are important and they take great pride in being able to be part of the team at ICC, ensuring that others can receive help and support as they have.